Tyler Carr

Aug 11, 2021

Now with more availability

Even though it isn't necessary, I decided to add an additional server to my Linode fleet. This server will, among other things, serve a mirror of this site.

I figured this would be a worthwhile learning excersize, and should provide more uptime which is never a bad thing.

Now, content is stored in a repo and pulled down, 'pelicanized' and the resulting html copied over to the mirror server, more detail on this here. The two VPSs are in different Linode datacenters (US-West and US-Central) and a Cloudflare load balancer sits in front of them to proxy requests. Depending on your geographic location you should be served either out of a nearby Cloudflare cache or the VPS that is nearest to you.

I can't give you back the time you spend reading my posts... but I can at least save you a millisecond or two.

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